There used to be a big difference between the person who’s seeking dental work for general hygiene, and those seeking it for appearances sake. Typically, when cavities show up, it’s time to do whatever’s necessary to keep the mouth healthy. But the increased emphasis on cosmetic dentistry is allowing people to improve the look of their mouths, while they improve its health.


The days of showing the world an array of dark spots in your teeth where your cavities have been filled are gradually being phased out. Dentists used to use gold, amalgam, or other metal materials to fill all cavities. It’s very common for patients to select a material that looks like the color of their teeth, like porcelain. This is one way in which cosmetics is playing a bigger part in dental procedures. People no longer need to sacrifice appearance when receiving good dental work.

Composite Bonding

Teeth can go through a lot in the course of one’s life. The need to fix them is cosmetic as much as it is hygienic. Sometimes it’s just a chip here, a discoloration there, or a decayed tooth there, but composite bonding could be the answer. The process involves a composite material that looks like the tooth’s enamel and dentin. The material is placed into the tooth cavity and then shaped around the tooth to appear as if it is a part of the tooth. Using intense light, the material hardens and becomes a part of the tooth. This bonding can come in handy in solving a number of dental issues.


Severely damaged, or missing teeth, can be the result of unhealthy dental hygiene habits. Patients who find themselves in this situation may inquire about veneers. These are laminates that will be bonded to the teeth’s surface. They’re excellent for renewing the smile by covering any problems like severe discoloration and gaps. People with severe damage to their teeth can find themselves spending lots of money just trying to maintain their original dental structure. Veneers offer a way to solve all those issue by starting fresh.

Dental Implants

Sometimes it’s just one tooth that’s missing. That missing tooth could be taking toll on a patient’s smile as long as it’s left unfilled. With implants, an artificial tooth root replacement will fill in the original missing tooth, recreating a naturally pleasant smile.

In extreme cases, patients may opt for a complete dental reconstruction. After consulting with a dentist, you may both agree that the health of your mouth could benefit from a procedure. For complete reconstruction, people will find methods to be medically sound as well as aesthetically.