chipped tooth before bonding- 2018after: bonding by Dr. Mike Mango
broken tooth before bondingafter tooth bonding

Your teeth are the crown jewels of your mouth. Just like diamonds, teeth come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and clarity. And when accidents cause a tooth to break or chip, sometimes replacing the tooth with a dental crown is NOT the best option. Dr. Mike Mango will evaluate each situation and help the patient decide if bonding is a better option than restoring the tooth with a crown. Dr. Mike Mango is very skilled at repairing broken or chipped teeth using bonding procedures, and will be able to color match existing teeth and shape the tooth into a favorable look that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the smile. He will treat you and your teeth like royalty, taking into account your desired outcome, preferences and budget. Bonding is also an economically friendly option that will often save a patient money, time, and will allow the patient to keep the maximum amount of original tooth in-tact.

If you are considering restoring a tooth with a crown, then Dr. Mike invites you to ask him, “Do I really need that crown?”