Curing Light for Fillings

When you have a cavity, it is important to address it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t grow and cause more damage to the tooth. Some dentists push their patients into putting a crown on a tooth with a cavity regardless of considering other options, like fillings, because crowns are more expensive and profitable to the dentist–but crowns aren’t always the most appropriate solution for a patient’s needs, timeline or budget. Dr. Mike Mango is a reputable, honest dentist with over 21 years of experience who does not push his patients into crowns because they have a cavity; in fact, Dr. Mike is able to fill most cavities without needing to crown a tooth!

Fillings are generally a much more cost effective solution for patients and often times a filling can last and be an equally good solution. Crowns aren’t guaranteed to last, and they can break. Sometimes a crown is the best solution.  Of course, it always depends on the specific patient’s case, the size of the cavity, and other factors.

If you have a cavity and have been told that you need a crown and you would like to get a second opinion from Dr. Mike Mango, then please call our office M-F and request a second opinion consultation with Dr. Mike. 336.275.4747