CareCredit Dental Financing

You should not have to sacrifice your dental treatment or the quality of care you receive because of financial concerns.

We offer interest free financing for up to 12 months through Care Credit for qualified patients. Mango Dental is proud to be a part of the Care Credit Program, which provides helpful dental financing payment options for your dental procedures. The Care Credit program also offers many other benefits, including special financing options, low monthly payments, and no up-front costs or penalties, and adjustable lines of financing.

  • CareCredit is different from a regular credit card.
  • It helps you pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by medical insurance by extending special financing options that you can’t get when using your Visa or MasterCard.
  • Pay for health, and wellness care at over 200,000 enrolled providers across the nation. Once you’ve applied, you can use it again and again at any location that accepts CareCredit.
  • With shorter term financing options of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months no interest is charged on purchases of $200 or more when you make the minimum monthly payments and pay the full amount due by the end of the promotional period. If you do not, interest is charged from the original purchase date.
  • CareCredit also extends longer term healthcare financing for 24, 36, 48 or 60-month periods with Reduced APR and Fixed Monthly Payments Required Until Paid in Full. Purchases of $2,500 or more qualify for the 60-month offer with a low APR (24, 36 and 48 financing terms are for purchases of $1,000 or more with a low APR).

For complete details, see the CareCredit account agreement within your application. You do not need to select a promotion before you apply.

To apply for the Care Credit Program, you may complete the application online or in our office during your visit. For more information on the Care Credit Program, visit

Care Credit Dental Financing for Dr. Mike MangoCare Credit Dental Financing Plans

Being proactive about your mouth health will have you smiling for years to come. That’s because regular dental check-ups by qualified dental professionals can improve your overall health and well-being by catching problems before they start. Here are just some of the many dental care procedures and treatments you can use your CareCredit healthcare credit card for you or your family.

For more information on all our financial payment options, please contact Mango Dental today at (336) 275-4747.