Dental work has a long history, and well-deserved reputation, of causing great patient discomfort. Going to the dentist for anything beyond a check-up can induce fear in people from 8 to 80 years old. Technological advancements have gone a long way over the years in eliminating the pain and most of this discomfort. However, the problem many patients have with dental visits is what they take with them when they leave—a mouth full of ugly silver metal. A bigger, more natural looking smile is only one of the advantages of white fillings.

Natural smiles

It can be unpleasant to smile as big when you’re self-conscious about all the obvious dental work in your mouth. Silver fillings provide an occasional dark marker in your teeth. Patients often inquire about white fillings, because they have been designed by researchers to match the color of tooth enamel. White fillings are practically invisible to the casual observer, making them a preferred selection.


White fillings are created by researchers who use ceramic and plastic compounds. This is what retains the tooth’s natural and aesthetically pleasing look. Most importantly for some people is that these white fillings do not contain any toxic materials. A white filling will be placed using no mercury. The presence of any amounts of mercury like in silver fillings is a concern for many people.

Weakening the tooth

Silver fillings also require a much more invasive process to the teeth. The hole required to place the filling has to be larger than in white fillings, which can lead to a weakened and possibly cracked tooth. White fillings are also able to bond adhesively to the tooth.
The tooth’s sensitivity can also be affected by the filling. Many patients find their teeth become sensitive to cold and heat because of their silver fillings. Contact Drs. Mango & Langdon if you would like any silver filings safely removed and replaced by more natural white fillings.