Composite fillings, which are also known as white fillings, have been around for more than two decades. In the past, before composite fillings were available, people had very few options when they needed a filling. These options were either to use a form of metal (such as gold) or to use what is called amalgam. With the advent of white fillings, people now have better options and the use of composite fillings is the most popular choice being made today.

Composite fillings have many benefits that the other materials do not have. For one, they can be used for tooth restoration. The composite is composed of organic polymers that are then mixed with inorganic substances such as glass and quartz.

With the use of composites, the dentist is now able to remove just the part of the tooth that is decayed. This means less time in the dentist’s chair and less destruction of the tooth. Another major advantage to using white fillings is that the filling looks more natural. Dentist now have available a wide selection of composite materials to use which makes it much easier to get the perfect look that the patient wants. And one other advantage is that composite fillings are simply much stronger and will last longer if they are properly cared for by the patient.

For those who need work on their front teeth, composites are the materials of choice. While it is true that some of the amalgam fillings can take less time, the results are nowhere near as good at the results one gets with composite white fillings. The truth is many dentists are now spending a lot of time replacing amalgam fillings with composite fillings for many of their patients, simply because the resulting improvement in appearance is so striking. Why not see for yourself if composite fillings are what you have been looking for?

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