You don’t have to live with crooked, discolored, uneven or gapped teeth anymore. Porcelain veneers are dental appliances that can be applied to the surface of your teeth that will instantly turn your less than perfect smile into one that is Hollywood worthy.

Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain facings that are attached to the surface of the tooth using a high strength adhesive. The adhesive is designed to hold the veneer to your own natural tooth in a manner that makes it a part of your natural tooth in both appearance and function. Veneers replace the look of your natural teeth and provide you with teeth that appear natural yet nearly perfect. While veneers won’t last a lifetime, with quality care they can last up to twenty years of service.

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dental solution that can help people overcome a number of dental problems and enhance their smiles. Porcelain veneers, when applied correctly, provide an instant benefit which, with proper application and care, can last for many years to come. They are durable and resist staining, cracking, and shifting, making them a great option for people with many different backgrounds and many different dental concerns.

However, veneers aren’t the right solution for everyone. They are not a solution for people who have issues with bruxism, or teeth grinding. The reason behind this is that the additional pressure and wear from bruxism causes the veneers to wear away and crack or break prematurely. In addition, those who suffer from advanced periodontal disease won’t be good candidates for veneers as there isn’t enough existing structure to bond to.

Before seriously considering having porcelain veneers applied, it is important to have a frank discussion with your dental health practitioner about whether or not you are a good candidate and what your responsibilities will be when it comes to caring for your new veneers. In order for you to get the best results from your veneers, good regular oral hygiene and regular professional dental care is important.

All in all, porcelain veneers are a solid option for people who practice good dental hygiene however have cosmetic dental concerns that can’t be addressed by other, more traditional dental health techniques. If you have crooked, stained, unevenly spaced, or even chipped or cracked teeth, porcelain veneers may be able to provide you with the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Talk to your dental health professional today.