A visit to the dentist can be a fairly messy occasion. Think about your last trip to the dentist, and it probably wasn’t an enjoyable memory. Regardless of the severity of the procedure, the dentist’s various drills and tools will usually yield a fair amount of drool, blood, and discomfort. Fortunately, new laser techniques promise to all but eliminate that from most procedures. Laser Dentistry definitely qualifies as another way technology is improving the lives of oral care patients around the world.

Laser dentistry’s biggest advantage is that it is less invasive. When dental work is performed using a drill, the gums and mouth are impacted in a way that certainly causes more pain. The only recourse for patients is to have a numbing agent like Novacaine applied to the mouth to reduce the pain of the procedure. On top of that, there are many procedures that require anesthesia to complete. The need to be unconscious tells us how lengthy, uncomfortable, and painful those procedures will be. Laser dentistry is able to allow those same procedures to be completed without the same concerns about comfort, pain, and time.

As a result of less invasive procedures, there will be a decreased recovery time. Healing has long been one of the most painful and uncomfortable parts of most procedures. Limiting that need for a long recovery time will make laser dentistry a preferred option for most patients. Lasers are also able to help with the healing process by aiding in the clotting of skin. When bleeding is reduced the skin’s natural healing process is improved. The use of lasers also decreases the chances of infection and bacterial contamination from the older equipment.

This state-of-the-art equipment is able to assist and improve procedures that are uncommon as well as common procedures.  Dentists are continually finding new ways to apply them for effective and safe oral care.