When it comes to oral hygiene, we all can let dental care slip sometimes. A visit to the dentist can reveal just how slack you’ve been in taking care of business. There’s no need to beat yourself up over it. Just develop habits that will prevent you from returning in a few months with the same results. Making sure you stick to these oral hygiene steps will guarantee you don’t have any cavities to report next time.

We may feel lazy sometimes, but it really should be a routine to automatically brush after every meal. Sometimes even after drinking something like coffee should cause you to brush. At the very least we should all be brushing twice a day. That will give your teeth the attention they need, and not allow bacteria to settle in and grow. Flossing is also a necessary tool to accompany any brushing.

Rinsing the mouth out as much as possible will be beneficial. Drinking water is a healthy habit, and if you have the opportunity, rinsing with fluoride will also help. Dentists may recommend this if you are at a high risk for developing future cavities. Visiting the dentist regularly is probably the best way to make sure you avoid future cavities. The amount of time that people let pass without a visits to the dentist is the most harmful to dental health. Oral exams and professional cleanings will help you monitor how well you are doing and keep you from going off track.

Sometimes a protective sealant is necessary to guard the teeth. This is a plastic coating that covers the surface of the back teeth. This covers the crevices and grooves that are apt to collect food that will most likely turn into bacteria and cause cavities. These sealants can be used for both adults and children. However, it is a strongly recommended method for children. These sealants last for many years, up to 10, before they need to be removed and replaced. This is a good technique if you believe your mouth could benefit from such protection.

Eating foods that are healthy for your teeth is another habit that will keep the cavities away. Foods that are prone to get stuck in the uneven surfaces of your teeth should be avoided or limited. Certain junk foods like candy and chips are notorious for sitting in the crevices of teeth and allowing bacteria and plaque to form. Instead, eat more vegetables, fruits, and cheeses. Research shows that these may actually prevent cavities. Replace all the foods that make keeping the mouth clean difficult with those that help with dental care.

Making sure that you don’t eat right before bed without brushing your teeth. That is a definite no-no. Eating food that sticks to the teeth and then allowing it to sit in your mouth and rot, is one of the worst habits you can have. In general, never let food and drinks sit in your mouth too long, because they will wreak havoc on your tooth enamel and cause cavities.