Going to the dentist is probably on a lot of people’s lists as the least favorite ways to spend an afternoon. Even though there have been strides made in the dental care industry, there is still one innovation that many dentists have yet to upgrade to. One of those innovations is the digital x-ray capability used by Langdon & Mango Dental. This advancement makes the whole dentist visit that much quicker and convenient, as opposed to the time consuming process of using film. Langdon & Mango Dental is equipped with the most current equipment that’s available for checking the condition of your teeth.

When using film x-rays, patients are forced to wait for x-ray development. The digital x-rays use computers to automatically send the images to computers, where they can be compared and contrasted with previous x-rays. This is a simple process called subtraction radiography, which allows dentists to immediately recognize anything that is a new development in your oral hygiene. The computer image is able to subtract everything that’s the same.

There are also many attributes that can be manipulated for closer examination. The brightness and color can be changed to accentuate the smallest of cavities that are not recognized by the eyes. Despite many offices that use the traditional film x-rays, many people are still concerned about their exposure to radiation. While there is minimal exposure to radiation through x-rays, they should still be considered safe by patients.

In fact, the use of digital x-rays should set everyone at ease, because the level of exposure is 90% less than that with film. Not only is it time and energy that’s being saved with digital x-rays, but also the environment is being saved. Because there is no need for film to be used and processed, the environment no longer has to deal with additional film disposal.