The inside of the mouth can be a dark and difficult place to navigate. There once was a time when dentists only had overhead lighting to depend on, to see their way around in your mouth. That can be a major inconvenience, if not a problem, for most dental care providers. In fact, it can cause more discomfort for the patient, since it means they may continually need to be adjusted to catch better lighting, and avoid shadows. Fortunately, Greensboro’s Langdon & Mango’s dentists are equipped with Orascoptic LED Lights. This lighting innovation brings a lot of advantages with it, for all check ups and procedures.


Orascoptic LED Lights are special attachments for the dentist’s loupe, or protective eyewear.  This allows them to conveniently perform dental procedures with sufficient illumination. The powerful lights are positioned in the same area where the eyes are located, so the dentist never has to worry about repositioning his line of sight, or the light source. Wherever they look, and focus, in the patient’s mouth, the Orascoptic LED Light is right there, lighting the way. However, these lights can be adjusted on their coaxial mounting for optimum illumination. They’re also very light and compact for easy attachment to loupes, and have zero discomfort from additional weight.

Powerful light

The truth is that when performing any dental or medical procedure, improper lighting can be the cause of many mistakes. A dentist can only notice a problem, and fix it, if they have the proper lighting to recognize it. An Orascoptic LED Light will provide a more than sufficient light source throughout any procedure. With better light, the practitioner will be able to work at a more efficient speed. The high-powered and focused light is the perfect assistant for any dentist. LED Lights can deliver consistently as much as 7,000 foot candles of light.

Easy to Use

The elimination of cords and cables are a benefit to just about every electronic or battery- operated device on the market. This is no different with the Orascoptic LED Light. Dentists can have the ability to work completely hands-free, with any necessary lighting adjustments being made directly to a leveler on the loupe. An LED light attachment can come equipped with an advanced soft-touch control setting. This way, the practitioner will not have to search through a pocket for another piece of equipment. This also limits the possibility of contamination from bacteria.

Convenient Power Supply

All of the power units, for Orascoptic LED Lights, are small for convenient wear and storage. Battery packs are easy to place inside a pocket or attach to a piece of apparel. While working on patients, dentists do not need to be entangled with cumbersome accessories. Battery packs can also be easily monitored for power levels. This prevents dentists from ever being interrupted by a loss of power. They can anticipate the need for recharging or replacing batteries whenever necessary. They are built for quick and easy exchanges.