It seems like the harder drink manufacturers try to make their products delicious to consume, the more damaging they become to the teeth. The dilemma is how do you sweeten with substances that don’t cause havoc in your mouth. An abundance of sugar is no friend to your physique, but it can also do damage to once strong teeth. Acid and sugar are the main culprits and some sports drinks contain both.

People who work out, or are involved in physical activities that require re-hydration, should be more careful about the drinks they choose. It’s common among young people to have sports drinks on hand throughout their activity. Mistakenly, adults assume the sports drinks are a healthy and tasteful alternative to plain water. When these young people consume these “healthy” sports drinks without any regulation, the oral hygiene is affected on two levels.

The first level is from the acid present in these “safe” energy drinks. While the energy drinks may energize the athlete, their teeth are being bathed in the acidic liquid. This acid sits upon the tooth enamel after any sip or guzzle. The combination of acid, sugar, and drink additives begins to break down the tooth enamel. Obviously, the more that a person consumes, the more damage that’s being done. When people do not choose to brush right after the consumption, they are allowing the erosion to continue without prevention.

When teeth have become weakened and exposed, they become more prone to forming bacteria. The sugar, the second level, will only make the bacteria worse, because it can then expand and feed on the sugars. Bacteria can develop within tiny spaces and crevices in the teeth. Continuous use of sports drinks can ultimately affect the dentin, which is the tissue underneath the enamel. This determines the shape and size of the tooth.