Tooth enamel is very strong, the strongest substance in the whole body. This layer of tooth protection has to be, in order to serve you for your entire life of chewing, biting, and tearing food. Without a strong enamel, this daily wear will leave your teeth run down and sensitive to much of what you drink. Cold and hot drinks are what enamel is supposed to protect the sensitive dentin of your teeth from. An excessive consumption of acidic drinks will compromise all the protection provided by tooth enamel.

When you drink too many soft drinks or fruit drinks you are exposing your enamel to a lot of acid. This can be harmful to enamel when you are not balancing this with a consistent consumption of water. Water and saliva are excellent at cleansing the mouth of harmful bacteria that accumulates in the teeth. This is also true for the heavy flow of acid that’s bombarding and attaching itself to your teeth. Saliva will neutralize the acids, as well as wash away residual foods and drinks.

Ultimately, the biggest problem that destroys tooth enamel is poor dental hygiene. When a person decides to drink a lot of acidic drinks, they need to try their best to balance that with a heavy consumption of water. Actually, the water intake should be much higher than any acidic drinks. This is all before even getting around to brushing and flossing. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and you will typically be able to protect your tooth enamel from the acidic drinks that you are drinking. Keep in mind that water should be a regular routine.

Cutting back on acidic drinks will certainly help protect enamel. This includes carbonated drinks and citrus fruits. If they are taken during mealtimes, this should help limit the impact on the enamel. Modify the products you purchase like the type of orange juice. There are low-acid brands available. Also, using straws helps drinks to bypass the teeth, so don’t swish them around in your mouth and across your teeth.