Dental checkups are often dreaded. But the payoffs for having regular checkups with your dentist are considerable, to your dental hygiene, dental health and to your wallet. This article outlines the 10 main reasons why we at Mango Dental and other dental experts recommend having regular checkups with your dentist.

  1. Regular Checkups Help Dentists Find Cavities
    The main incentive for visiting your dentist is for your dentist to check your teeth for cavities. Finding cavities earlier, rather than later, prevents serious decay.
  2. A Good Polish
    Regular checkups allow your dentist to polish your teeth adding to the aesthetic of your smile and to your confidence. Most health insurances in the U.S. cover two dental polishes per year, with no expense to the consumer.
  3. A Good Clean
    The same goes for the clean. A regular checkup with your dentist allows your dentist to perform a thorough, professional clean you can’t achieve with your own dental cleaning tools at home. Most health insurance covers this service too, with no expense to you.
  4. Familiarity/comfort with your dentist
    For parents especially we suggest you bring your children to the dentist regularly so your child can become comfortable and familiar with their dentist. This cuts down on any future anxiety they may have with dentists as an adult.
  5. Fluoride
    For children especially, regular checks with your dentist also involve regular boosts of fluoride, a substance we apply to their teeth to make them extra durable and strong.
  6. Improving the aesthetic of your smile
    Regular dental checks also give you a chance to discuss with your dentist anything that bothers you about your smile. You don’t like your smile because it’s crooked, hooked or just not right? We can offer options and pricing plans.
  7. Reminders of regular dental hygiene
    Visiting your dentist regularly also offers a gentle reminder of some basic dental hygiene we should all maintain in order to maintain good dental health.  Your dentist will go over the importance of flossing your teeth between meals along with brushing at least twice a day, avoiding carbohydrate rich foods such as sugars and eating large meals versus lots of snacks throughout the day.
  8. Gum Disease Protection
    An even better reason for regular dental visits is to prevent gum disease. If diagnosed early, gum disease, also called gingivitis is treatable and reversible.
  9. Peritonitis Protection
    Peritonitis is a more serious advanced stage of gum disease.  Regular dental visits along with dental cleanings, flossing and brushing at least twice a day can prevent this.
  10. Oral Cancer Protection

Finally, ongoing visits to your dentist can also protect you from oral cancer.  The Oral Cancer Foundation cites that someone dies from oral cancer every hour in the United States.  (Shocking, but true!)  Ongoing and regular dental visits however can help experts detect oral cancer (found in your throat, mouth or lips) and talk about other preventative measures such as quitting smoking.

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