Who doesn’t want clean, sparkly and healthy looking teeth?  It’s so refreshing to see a clean, bright smile. Oral exams, cosmetic dentistry and even invisible braces can help achieve that.  But getting the smile of your dreams also takes work from you, including regular and thorough brushing.


Step one, according to the American Dental Association (ADA), is: brush twice a day.

It’s all about the angle

The (ADA) also recommends brushing your teeth at a 45° angle in short, half tooth wide strokes against the gum line.

Hold the brush flat and brush back and forth on the chewing surfaces.

For the inside surfaces of the front teeth, tilt your brush vertically and use gentle up and down strokes with the toe of the brush.

Don’t forget the tongue

We also suggest brushing the tongue with each brush.  We suggest using a back to front sweeping motion to remove food particles.  This will also freshen your mouth.


Without mentioning brands, dentist inspired products offer greater enamel protection than others.  Try finding such a toothpaste with a great flavor.  It will inspire you to brush regularly.


We recommend changing your toothbrush every three months and always after any illness.  So after a cold, toss out all toothbrushes and start over.  It doesn’t hurt to write the date on the handle so you know precisely when you bought the toothbrush.

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