Ew.  Having cavities filled can be horrible, no matter how skilled your dentist and dental office.  And yet tooth decay, which causes cavities, is hard to avoid.  Tooth decay happens when food remains and builds up on the tooth creating bacteria that then turns into acids.  These acids combine with saliva and other bacteria to cause plaque, destroying teeth and enamel. But there are some sure quick fire ways to avoid gaining cavities. This blog outlines 10 easy ways to avoid cavities.

  1. Brush frequently
    Experts recommend brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride containing toothpaste will help you avoid cavities easily.
  2.  Floss
    Floss between your teeth after brushing.  It might feel cumbersome, but experts swear flossing will absolutely cut down on the formation of cavities in your mouth.
  3.  Eat nutritious food
    Experts recommend eating balanced, healthy meals and snacking less.  It’s also suggested to avoid carbohydrate rich foods such as sugars, pretzels and chips which can remain on the surface of your teeth.
  4.  Brush right after eating any carbohydrate rich foods
    That’s right.  Directly after eating that sticky, caramel candy, you need to brush.  That’s if you don’t want cavities. Drinking tons of water helps too.
  5.  Consider supplemental fluoride
    Dentists recommend supplementing your regular cleaning regime with fluoride can eliminate cavities well.
  6.  Consider dental sealants
    These protective enamel coatings do a lot to cut down on plaque as well.
  7.  Fluoridated water
    Drinking fluoridated water works just as well as supplemental fluoride.
  8.  Visit your dentist
    Frequent dental visits goes a long way when combating cavities.  Don’t avoid us, we are here to help!
  9.  Rinse frequently
    While no studies support this claim, dentist suspects and researchers are studying the effects of rinsing with mouthwash after brushing as an additional way to maintain good dental hygiene.
  10.  No bottle in bed for toddlers or babies
    Dentists recommend not using a bottle to lure your sweet baby to sleep.  The residual juice or milk is harmful to their teeth.

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