There’s no way to sugar coat this: Chewing tobacco is terrible for teeth, mouths, and health. Just like cigarettes, smokeless tobacco contains nicotine and dangerous chemicals and, actually, is processed with sugar just the same as candy, and we all know how bad candy is for teeth. Even a small pinch next to the gums can irritate the gum and bone. Damaged tissue pulls the gum away from teeth causing teeth to loosen and fall out of the mouth.

Chewing tobacco gives teeth terrible stains even as it gives chewers terrible breath. It greatly hastens tooth decay ruining teeth and harms gums, which, in turn, can result in disfigured teeth or even losing teeth. Prolonged use of smokeless tobacco damages tooth enamel and helps create cavities. Irritating agents can hurt the ability of teeth to recover from damage. Chewing tobacco contains 28 cancer causing ingredients constantly exposing cheeks, throat, and lips to juices swirling with cancer triggers.

Chewing tobacco greatly increases the rate of tooth decay and causes gums to fail. Leathery white patches form that can become cancerous. Red sores form in the mouth. Besides yellowing greatly, teeth become weaker, loosen and fall out of smokeles tobacco user’s mouths.