The word cavity is one of the most ominous words in dental health. It’s associated with a potentially painful–but necessary–trip to the dentist’s office to get the problem fixed. Ignoring a tooth cavity could lead to various long term problems including tooth loss, gum disease and dangerous infections. Since most people aren’t dentistry experts, we are going to explain to you some of the most common signs that you might have a cavity, and reemphasize the fact that most dental procedures to resolve cavities are far less painful than you may imagine them to be.

Tooth sensitivity

Sensitive teeth is not always a result of eating abrasive foods or having nerves too close to the surface. Sometimes this sensitivity is caused by irritated nerves that are exposed due to cavity induced corrosion in your teeth.

Constant toothache

If this is the case, you should contact a dentist as soon as possible, because this is one of the biggest red flags that tooth decay is present in your mouth.

Pus developing in or around your tooth

This is another massive tooth decay red flag. If you notice any pus around your teeth Seek emergency dental services immediately, as you could have an infection.

Visible holes in your teeth

As tooth decay eats away at your teeth, you will start to see holes in them. If this happens, it is not too late to save your tooth, but you will need professional dental help soon.

Pain when chewing or biting

Pain while chewing is not a normal experience. If you are experiencing this, you may have one or more cavities.

Pain when eating or drinking something hot or cold

Everyone’s mouth is sensitive to sudden temperature changes, but if you feel as though yours is more sensitive than normal, you may have a cavity.

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