You are probably wondering if gum disease can increase risk of oral cancer if you have ever been diagnosed with periodontal disease. Studies have shown that if your immune system is compromised or weak then your chance of developing oral cancer is higher than someone with a stronger immune system.

Gum disease is more common than you may think. Anyone can have gum disease and most people do develop it at some time in their life. A few signs of periodontal disease are bleeding or swollen gums, bad breath even though you just brushed, if you get infections in your mouth chances are you have gum disease.

You are also at risk for developing this disease if you use tobacco as well as drink alcohol regularly and if you have a poor diet. It is important to stay healthy. If you don’t practice good hygiene such as brushing your teeth regularly you will put yourself at an even greater risk to develop oral cancer and increase your chances of premature death from oral cancer.

Learning how to prevent gum disease is the first step to not having oral cancer. It is not hard to practice good oral health and take care of your teeth and gums. Getting routine dental care should be a top priority and by doing this you can help prevent gum disease from occurring. If you get checkups regularly and anything is detected you can stop it in its tracks before it turns cancerous.

Oral cancer is a very serious disease and it can become deadly. If you suspect that you or someone you know may have a gum disease you should make an appointment with a dentist to find out for sure. Become educated as much as possible about oral health because gum disease can increase risk of oral cancer.