A traumatic tooth accident can seem like the end of the world. Once you calm down and get some information on replacing missing teeth, you realize it’s really not. You have several cosmetic dentistry procedures available to you in Greensboro. Smiles can be restored, by replacing teeth with a look that’s better than before the accident. Choose the method of receiving a makeover you won’t mind sharing. But you’ll still need to decide which procedure for your repairs, a crown or a dental implant.

The choice between the two procedures will depend mostly on the type of damage to your teeth. Some people are missing a single tooth up front, and that is very different from missing a single tooth in the back rows. Dental implant procedures can have too much interference and activity from the back row through eating and chewing. The success rate of a dental implant is much higher when placed in a part of the mouth that is less destructive in that regard. Although the back rows of teeth have a lower success rate, they are still capable of wearing a crown.

The advantages to dental implants are their completely natural look and feel. It can be extremely hard for someone to tell that you’re sporting a dental implant. The implant is designed to not place any undue pressure or stress on the other teeth. This is a significant bonus to dental implants, as opposed to crowns. A common concern is the crown’s inability to be whitened by a teeth-whitening product once it’s installed. Dentists recommend that all lightening of teeth happen prior to installation, so they can use crown cap material that will best match your teeth.

An advantage of a crown is that they will not require the same type of surgical intervention that dental implants will. The entire procedure can be completed in 2 or 3 quick visits to the dentist. The process for a crown for fixing significant damage is much simpler than an implant would be. Even if a patient has jawbone loss, the choice of a crown will often be less expensive and less painful.

As far as maintenance of the dental work, dental implants will prove easier to take care of, than crowns. Not only do implants most resemble real teeth, but also the cleaning processes are very similar to your regular teeth. Dentists suggest that there’s no reason why a dental implant will not last the lifetime of the patient. On the other hand, it should be understood that a crown would need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

Dental implants are now using a new coating, titanium screws. These are better than the original metal, because they quicken bone regeneration. Dental implants are able to stay in place much better and longer than crowns and bridges. While implants do tend to last throughout the life of a patient, they are usually pricier than crowns. For patients seeking a simple cost-effective procedure, than crowns and bridges might be best. For others who are willing to spend a little more for a permanent job, then a dental implant might be best.