Teeth can suffer irreparable damage through a lack of proper care. Effective dental hygiene is a habit that should be formed as early as possible. Keeping teeth and gums strong and healthy is a skill that can’t be emphasized enough in our elementary schools. While good dental hygiene is needed to prevent oral decay, bacteria, disease, and softened enamel, many people don’t account for the appearance of their teeth. We all hope to flash “pearly white” smiles. Even with brushing, too much of certain drinks can leave the drinker’s teeth with unsightly stains. Below are the 3 Worst Drinks for Staining Teeth.

Drinks that can be described as borderline-addictive are the ones people should be careful with. The word “addictive” has been thrown around when people are referring to their coffee drinking habits. Even when the drinking “addiction” is seemingly under control, a routine can be started that can leave you waking up years later with a smile much darker than you remember. One way to combat the staining of teeth is to understand the need for moderation. Unless you have toothpaste and toothbrush with you after every problem drink, then you should consider it.


The coffee industry is more popular today then ever before with the continued growth of Starbucks, and other coffee selling companies. Many people grab a cup of coffee in the morning, and then several more times throughout the day and night. The caffeine rush is a desirable feature of coffee for some, and it is totally avoided by others with decaffeinated coffee. Either way, coffee is still consumed by about 100 million people every day. It’s easy to recognize what staining is being done to the teeth by just looking at the evidence at the bottom of your coffee mug.


An easy way to tell what drinks have the most potential for staining the teeth is also to look at the stains they leave behind in the house. There may be some evidence left behind in a wine glass, however it’s not as apparent in a clear glass. Put white in a white container like a mug, then you will see just how much is being done to the teeth. Wine also can be accidentally spilled on furniture or carpet. The rings that can be left behind on counters and coffee tables are other clues. Those wine stains around the house can be the hardest to remove. They should be a clear indication of the power of the wine to stick to the teeth.


Soda has gotten a bad rap, because of its acid and sugar content that destroy enamel. So they probably deserve their reputation. It’s mostly due to the unhealthy attraction to sodas that children have developed over the past several years. Many children would drink sodas all day every day if given the option. More conscientious adults make sure the level of soda intake is monitored or eliminated. But sodas are still staining adult teeth. Soda’s ability to stain can be increased greatly by the type of sodas (i.e. colored or clear). Artificial colorings and syrupy sweeteners can do an unpleasant job on anyone who doesn’t embrace moderation and swift cleaning.