White FillingsĀ Repair Teeth Attractively

Greensboro white fillings for teeth from Langdon & Mango

Traditional teeth fillings used to be silver. Now white teeth fillings are the most natural, and often most preferred option. At Landon & Mango Dentistry, we can match the white fillings to the shade of your tooth for a virtually invisible filling!


Besides the obvious color difference, white teeth fillings have many advantages that silver fillings neglect to offer:


  • White fillings bond to the tooth, strengthening the tooth in its entirety, while silver fillings weaken the teeth.
  • White fillings are less heat and cold sensitive
  • These fillings do not contain mercury, which is potentially toxic.
  • The preparation for white fillings requires significantly less tooth removal than preparing for silver fillings. The size of the hole is much smaller, thus leaving the majority of your tooth in tact.


If you already have silver fillings, we can replace them with white fillings if desired.