Digital X-Rays Provide a More Detailed Picture

Greensboro dental digital x rays by Langdon and MangoAt Mango Dental, we stay current with new cutting-edge technology. Improvements in dental technology have allowed us to perfect our craft. Diagnosing your dental problems is now much easier and time efficient. Our use of digital X-rays radically decreases the length of your visit, while providing you with a safer alternative to traditional film x-rays.

Digital X-rays provide pictures of utmost quality. By using the computer, pictures can be magnified for a more in depth look at your teeth. Brightness, contrast, and color can be controlled, making those microscopic cavities easier to spot. If you are concerned with radiation, set your worries aside. Digital X-rays use 90% less radiation than film X-rays.

Eliminating Printing Saves Time & Helps the Environment

Many dentist offices still use these traditional film X-rays, meaning you need to wait for your X-ray to be printed. With digital X-rays, our dentists can view the picture instantaneously! No need to wait. Not to mention, eliminating the printing phase makes digital X-rays better for the environment.

If your dental problems call for the care of a dental specialist, this technology allows us to email your X-ray within seconds for immediate review.

Digital X-rays are still making headway in the dental community, but not all practices have made the switch. Let us diagnose your problems quickly, safely, and efficiently, giving you the gorgeous smile you deserve.

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