Teeth Whitening in Greensboro

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to enhance the appearance of your natural smile and create a beautiful, natural smile. Teeth whitening has come a long way with new advances and technology, so even if you had tried teeth whitening in the past, you may be surprised how easy and painless it can be today. Teeth whitening at Drs. Mango & Langdon Dentistry in Greensboro will restore natural color, or even surpass original whiteness. Ask us about different teeth whitening options to enhance your smile.


Teeth Whitening Immediately with ZOOM®

Greensboro Teeth Whitening by Langdon & Mango

Looking for immediate teeth whitening results at a dentist office in Greensboro NC? Want whiter teeth before that big wedding where you will see all your family and friends, but your teeth are sensitive or you don’t have the time to do teeth whitening trays at home and would prefer instantly whiter teeth? Our Greensboro teeth whitening and dental professionals at Drs. Mango & Langdon can whiten your teeth in less than an hour with the Philips ZOOM whitening treatment. The results you get from other box brands do not compare with the superior results of Philips ZOOM. Come sit in our chairs for an hour, and leave as a more confident you.

Philips ZOOM is an innovative and valuable tool in the dentist industry. While providing immaculate results, it is a tranquil treatment for any patient. If you battle teeth sensitivity, the ZOOM technology has multiple intensity settings for ultimate comfort. Over 94% of dental patients recommend this treatment to family and friends!


At-home Teeth Whitening Trays and Gel

Drs. Mango & Langdon recommend teeth whitening trays and gel that you can take home for the longest lasting result. Teeth whitening trays and gel are a great long-term, sustainable solution to getting white teeth and keeping white teeth. Initially you wear the trays for about 15 minutes per day for 2 weeks to maximize the potential of your teeth to turn white. After that, just wear the trays about once a month to maintain the white color and touch up any stains that start to form. Drs. Mango & Langdon can even provide special whitening gel for sensitive teeth to minimize any discomfort from tooth sensitivity.

The goal of teeth whitening is essentially to transform dull or stained teeth into a beautiful whiter and brighter shade. The treatment is safe and painless and the results are astounding!

We utilize a tray whitening system in a simple two-step process. We craft a custom impression of your teeth and then create your personal whitening trays that you can wear over and over. Whitening gel is added to the trays and can be worn for a short period of time for a couple of days, brightening your smile by 4 to 8 shades!

If you are interested in having a dazzling, bright, white smile, contact us today to set up an appointment!


Many people are working against having white teeth because everyday elements stain and wear away enamel.


  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Smoking
  • Certain Medications
  • Aging
  • Trauma
  • Wine
  • And More..

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