Crowns & Bridges Bolster the Tooth Structure

Dental Crowns and Bridges by Langdon & Mango

Dental Crowns

If the crown of your tooth becomes weakened by decay, fractured, stained or uneven, it can be restored and strengthened by an artificial crown. A dental crown is essentially a cap that is placed over your affected tooth. It greatly improves the look of your tooth, while restoring its strength, size, and shape. Crowns only cover the front portion of your tooth from the gum down. Getting a crown typically takes two appointments from our Greensboro dental office.

Dental Bridges

Are you missing any teeth? If so, a dental bridge is a very viable option. A bridge is an artificial tooth that attaches to adjacent teeth. Missing a tooth can greatly affect your bite, cause your teeth to shift, and affect your jaw. Bridges reduce the risk of gum disease, clarify your speech, and improve your bite. At Mango Dental, we will match the dental bridge to your natural tooth shade. Your picture perfect smile will look flawless!

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